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This page includes almost all type of Gucci Fabric for sale! If you are typing some questions to search engines for finding this fabric varieties than you are the right point. GG Fabrics are in stock for sale in 2024 also!


1) Leather/Vinyl Fabric(Gucci Print Fabric)

You first need to know that vinyl, vegan leather, PU leather, PVC leather, faux leather or artificial leather are all same materials. If any listing here includes “Gucci leather fabric”, you need to understand that you are buying a fabric which is an artificial leather. Imagine; if that fabric is a geniune leather, how can you buy it by yards or rolls? Can a cow give you uncutten 20 yard of leather piece? No need to be funny! But the quality of my faux leather fabrics are the best! All leather materials listed here are laminated with felt. That felt laminated to reverse side makes it strong thick and durable. By that way they cannot be teared easily and becomes very strong against needle crashes! The pattern is printed and laquered by strong transparent chemicals to protect the print and surface of fabric!

2) Canvas/Jacquard Fabric:

95 % percent of my Canvas Fabrics are also laminated fabrics like leather ones. They have 2 layers. The front layer which includes gucci pattern is a mixed fabric with viscose and polyester. The bottom layer is a thick fabric like jute. When they are laminated, fabric really becomes thick, durable and strong. If you are looking for gucci fabric for shoes, upholstery or bag, I indeedly advice you to check that section

3) Cotton Fabrics are also coming :

I did not put any cotton Gucci fabrics to that section yet. The GG cotton fabrics which I will soon list here will be thin. If you need cloth fabric in the near future, please visit that section later. The fabric(s) listed here will be great for shirts and summer clothes.


The jacquard(canvas) fabrics are composite. They have 2 layers. First(front) layer is jacquard and thin however it is laminated with a thick cotton fabric like jute(bottom second layer). This makes fabric thick,durable and suitable for upholstery so I can easily advice jacquard fabrics for upholstery. Vinyl fabrics also can be used for upholstery. But almost all of them are not strectching so to use them for round edges may not give a good result but for chest covering, you may not find a better product than those for example! I have just 1 elastic Gucci fabric which is elastic and stretching 4 way. That product is great for clothing and upholstery. It is thin but very strong therefore you can use it for every type of upholstery (Please click here to see that elastic Gucci leather Fabric)


Double layered Jacquard fabrics and vinyl fabrics are both unique for shoe customizing and making. They are both thick and durable. Thickness of them are making jacquard fabrics unique about shoe customizing. Bottom layer of jacquard fabrics are cotton so they are an healthy choice for foot and no need to use a lining fabric if you want to make a shoe from A to Z also. Vinyl/leather fabrics have felt reverse (bottom) layer and that makes them strong against stitching!


I can advice all Gucci fabric by the yard in stock for car upholstery. If we mean console, door inner part and ceiling covering by car upholstery than preference can be your taste just between jacquard and vinyl/leather fabrics because as I explained under fabric type section jacquard fabrics are not thin and wrinkling like vinyl fabrics so pattern of fabric will not go up and down like waves and catching the surface will be stronger. Because it is a thick fabric the glue will not leak to front side of fabric also. But if we are talking about seat covering, the workmanship of master should be superior because as I explained under vinyl material section, just one of Gucci leather material in stock is stretching too much (click here to see that elastic Gucci Leather Fabric) others do not stretch too much.


We sell fabric by the yard and roll. Minimum sales amount of fabric(s) listed here is half yard. Please ask price for Gucci Fabric wholesale !

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