Frequently Asked Questions

VINYL FABRICS: Yes they can be ironed. We all know that vinyl items are not being ironed. But if you turn the reverse side and preferably put an extra thin cotton fabric on it. you can iron them. Because reverse side is polyester fiber interlining and when you iron without steam iron will stick to item and not move. So please just turn fabric. put a thin cloth on it and iron it with steam. You will see that all fold marks are dissepared.

JACQUARD/CANVAS FABRICS: You can iron from reverse side. Front sides of some those fabrics maybe polyester and you may burn the color a little. Please always iron reverse side!

COTTON FABRICS: You can iron them with low temperature from any side.


-No, because sometimes ı print on different materials and sometimes I may take them from different vendors. So, some are thicker and some are thinner. But items which ı use are best quality. I never take low quality materials to my stock. So it is better to read the description of item individually to see the thickness, colour details etc…


FOR VINYL ITEMS: If your order is bigger than 7 yards and it is vinyl,  I generally try to package it as roll. Because vinyl items are thicker than canvas jacquard fabrics and when you fold them hard the folding marks may occure. Sending by roll has extra costs. Because shipping companies makes stacking calculations and according to this they give customers packaging materials like fedex envelope or fedex box. Thats why, the rolls are extraordinary sizes and requires extra costs. If your order is bigger than 7 yards I DO NOT REQUEST THAT 30-60 USD extra cost to my customers as an extra bonus. But if your order is less than this I have to request that cost from you. If your order is smaller than that amount but you insist your item to be sent as a roll, you need to pay that cost. That cost changes upto shipping destination and company selected but I determined an approaximate 40 USD as a roll packaging cost. If you want your item to be sent as roll and your order is under 7 yards, please click here for buying  that roll packaging extra service.

FOR OTHER ITEMS (JACQUARD OR COTTON FABRICS) Canvas jacquard items are weaven items and more foldabl than vinyls. I usually ship these items in a packaging bag or box, regardless of the quantity. Canvas/Jacquard fabrics thicker than cotton fabrics and it would be better if they were shipped in rolls when they are over 10 yards. For this reason, I try to send these products as rolls also for orders over 7 yards. And I do not charge the extra roll fee. But some canvas fabrics are harder and thicker and some are not. So I may send some of them as packaging bag or box. If your order is less than 7 yards but you insist about roll the same 40 usd extra cost is valid for those items also. If you insist to get your fabrics as roll, click here to buy that roll packaging extra service. If you do not buy that listing, your package will not be sent as roll!

I generally ship in 3 business days from the moment you place your order. Shipping method is express.  I ship EXPRESS by DHL, Fedex, UPS or TNT with a tracking number.  Delivery duration to any adress in:

USA : 2-4 business days

Australia, New Zealand and Canada : 3-6 business days

EU Countries: 2-5 business days

REST OF THOSE COUNTRIES: 4-9 business days.


I ship worldwide from Europe. I ship just express way. Shipping carriers are UPS, Fedex, DHL and TNT. I decide which carrier will bring to you. Standart Shipping cost for every amount to USA and EU Member Countries is 25 USD(It is valid for every amount of order). And 35 USD for Canada, Australia, New Zealand. But over 150 USD of shopping, shipping is free to those 2 destinations. That FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING option appears during checkout if you passed that 150 USD minimum limit. Please choose it for using your free option bonus(free shipping is also express like others).  BUT that is not valid for rest of those countries written above. Shipping flat rate is 50 USD to rest of those countries and there is no free shipping option for orders costing over 150 USD. ! If you are in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, non EU Member European Countries, Asian Countries, Africa or Middle East, please be aware that you need to pay 50 USD for shipping!

I accept paypal and credit card. If you do not have a paypal account,  you can see credit card option when you checkout. It has black button under “Paypal” and “Paypal Pay Later” buttons


No. You do NOT need to pay twice price to buy SECURE via those platforms. We have paypal option to buy designer leather fabrics safe. If your item is not same with you order  or have problems, paypal is guarantor to pay your money back. Thats why paypal is for. I do not want to be expensive by paying commision to them.