Fendi Fabric

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This page includes jacquard and vinyl/leather Fendi Fabric alternatives


a) Fendi Jacquard Fabric (canvas)

These fabrics have 2 layers. Front layer is jacquard. Bottom layer is thick cotton fabric like jute. The lamination of that 2 layer makes that fabric wrinkle free and smooth and also very strong. There is black and brown color variations under that category. Those all fabrics have FF pattern on them. Brown fabric has 2 different shade option. One is lighter. They are perfect for car upholstery, house interior, covering, making shoes, customizing shoes, bag making.  Additionally, you can use for thousands of other crafting ideas and DIY projects.

b) Fendi Leather Fabric (Vinyl Fendi)

Embossed, non-textured and velvet patterned vinyls are under that section. I especially advice the ones which have embossed FF monogram patterns. They are unique.


Minimum sale amount of all Fendi fabrics under that category is half yard. You can wish to buy wholesale sure then price certainly will include a nice discount. Please contact for wholesale price.

***Payment is secured with paypal payment. 

***Shipping method is express with international well known carriers like UPS fedex and DHL

***You can wish your order package as roll. This may have an extraordinary package extra cost. If you want your order roll you need to buy at least 10 yards.

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