Red Dior Vinyl fabric

$ 25$ 49

  • The thickness is  2.5 – 3 oz. (1 mm)
  • Width of item is 55 inches.
  • If you order more than a yard than I am going to send item as a continious uncutten whole piece.


This Red Dior Vinyl fabric has dirty white pattern colour. Size of pattern classic. The reverse side of that  LV material is  felt which makes fabric durable strong and thicker So it is perfect for sewing with leather or normal strong sewing machines.

This Red Dior Vinyl fabric  material is vinyl(PU).  You can produce too much things with that item. From bags to sneakers and shoes and not only pretty wallets but bracelets, earrings, belts or chest coverings. Also luxury dog collars, cat collars, bows, and horse riding materials. As a result millions of other craftings because limit is your imagination.


Definitely good for upholstery but because it is not stretching, better not to use for upholstery of round items like chairs or couches. You need to know that as a result you will have a wrinkled upholstery for round sides of covered item.  You can also use to enrich the clothings like caps/hats or jackets. That leather material has a protective transparent layer and this makes the print very strong and enduring thats why you can use our LV leather fabric for outdoor products. Because it is strong against weather conditions.

To buy this Red Dior Vinyl fabric wholesale, you can contact us.

  • The thickness is  2.5 – 3 oz. (1 mm)
  • Width of item is 55 inches.
  • If you order more than a yard than I am going to send item as a continious uncutten whole piece.


Boxing bag or curtains. Armrests or wall covering. From yacht furniture to furniture coverings, slippers, guitar cases, laptop cases, phone cases, make up bags and face masks. Knife or gun sheaths. Bookbinding, airpod case coverings, straps for instruments and all type of bags. Keychains, pillows, hip flask covering, key pouches, lighter covering, fetish accesories, medical accesories for injuries like splits…etc


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