The fake bags of Louis Vuitton and lots of other brand are produced % 95 in China, 4 % in Turkey and % 1 in other countries. Chinese producers are selling them worldwide (Turkey included) Turkish producers are selling them at the touristic locations of country like Grand Bazaar(İstanbul) for many years.

You can see hundreds of instagram or non indexed google website accounts which sell them. But what is the difference between a real and fake Louis Vuitton bag? You can see lots of articles about it. I am not going to tell about those details. But shortly, Louis Vuitton bags are made by geniune leathers (vegetal tanned ones generally) But fake ones uses faux leathers (check samples of them) But, if it is possible to make a %100 percent same with the original? The answer is : Yesss! So why they do not make this? Not so that easy actually. Because to give the exact same gold colour of LV pattern on real leather is really hard. The system of printing LV pattern on a cowhide is: pressing special patterned papers to cowhide with heat under a big pressure. This can be done by fake makers however to see exactly the same shade of colour is really hard. No need to take risk for them. They use PU leathers(faux leather) instead of geniune. Why not? Already over %95 of ladies never had a chance to touch a geniune LV bag. So how they can understand the difference by touching? Because of  those reasons, main material is always regarded as exceptional!  According to fake market, there is no other way than using faux leather. Ok but if the biggest difference is the material, and all fake bags are made by faux leather, why some claim that they produce the excellent replica of them. Or what is the difference between a good and bad fake one? The answer is “material quality” and workmanship sure.


Good fake bags are made by good faux leather which is thicker and paler which seems like original even their touch is not same. First class is comprised of quality faux leather but also straps and edges are made by geniune vegetal leather. When a fake seller say that he sell the vegetal LV bag , you need to understand that, the strap handle and edge lines are made by vegetal leather. (See below) Inner lining is very good and even serial number like original is included.

Metal accesories are also first class. The market have too much quality difference about metal accesories. You can find a padlock shown in Picture from 20 cents upto 2 dollars. First class fakes uses the best ones. Craftmanship is first class sure.

Differences about fake and geniune designer bags
fake bags also have quality difference between themselves. to understand the differences about Real and fake designer bags


They are made by first class material but leather accesories are not vegetal leather. Workmanship and metal accesories are average


They do not have good zippers, metal accesories workmanship and material.They generally have no iner linings.


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